Hi, I'm Brittany Nicole
aka Britnizta 👋🏽

(Brit Neez Tuh)

I am an artist, energy alchemist, spiritual coach and entrepreneur.

I am a certified Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Akashic Records Practitioner and a Gifted Psychic Intuitive.

I am a University of Texas at Austin graduate with a BA in Theatre/Dance and I am currently in pursuit of my PhD studying at The University of Metaphysical Sciences.

I am dedicated to helping people uncover and unleash their inner divinity, strength, beauty, and SOUL PURPOSE.

I help diamonds in the rough find their SPARKLE. ✨

I utilize my entire skillset and knowledge base of modalities that I have honed in on for the past decade to help YOU tap into your INNER ESSENCE AND REMEMBERANCE, so that YOU can feel EMPOWERED to build a life that is MAGICAL AF. 🪄

Working with me is for you if you:

  • Are tired of listening to what the people around you have to say about your BIG ideas and DREAMS and want someone to help you laser FOCUS on making them a reality despite your current circumstances.

  • Have always felt "different" from everyone else and never could figure out where you belong, and would like guidance on creating your own unique path.

  • Think that you might be psychic or have inclinations towards the supernatural/spiritual world and want help with harnessing these gifts.

  • Are a budding artist who is looking for their INNER VOICE and need assistance with finding it.

  • Are needing practical tools to help you connect with your CREATIVITY and FLOW

  • Would like to receive healing on your wounds that are based in heartbreak, low self-worth, and lack-mentality


Release & Renew Guided Breathwork Meditation:

If you’re needing a way to ground in, in a short amount of time, my guided breathwork meditation is the exact method I’ve used in order to calm my emotions and return to a relaxed state of mind and being.

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